Perry Hoberman
Dead Space/Living Rooms
Dead Space/Living Rooms (1985) is loosely based on four Hollywood films: Mad Love (1935); The Walking Dead (1936); DOA (1950); and The 4D Man (1959) . Each of these films involves characters that are neither alive nor dead. The projection of any film is a resurrection of actors, their characters, their stories. While the film is running, they project themselves into our world, the world of the living. But when the film ends, they return to a state of limbo, to a nearly endless strip of still images, each frozen, each almost like the next. They can live only through us. In Dead Space/Living Rooms, images were projected onto every wall - even on the ceiling - in an attempt to move the field of action from screen to room. By shuffling and recutting image and soundtrack, characters from the various films could encounter one another, their stories overlapping and interrupting each other. I imagined that I was providing a service to long-dead motion picture characters, allowing them to leave their films for a brief time, meet some new faces. Get away from the endless grind for a while.