Perry Hoberman
Interstate (1991) is a remake of the film Detour as a theatre piece with live actors, 3D projections and a giant robot puppet. The story is told  from the point of view of a pyschotic six-legged cyborg (recently escaped from the institute that built it) hitchhiking across the desert of the southwestern United States. The cyborg imagines itself in the middle of a cheap melodrama, but it keeps losing the thread of the story, flashing back and forward, trying to keep its bearings, all the time failing to notice that it's not a human being. The cyborg was played by a larger-than-life marionette, a five-legged creature with a latex face that could turn and change expression. It was suspended by filaments, hovering about five feet above the stage, creating the illusion that it was walking around on projected stereoscopic 3D landscapes.