Perry Hoberman
Let's Make a Monster!
At the dawn of the third millennium, mad science (meddling with forces beyond our control) has become standard operating procedure. Let's Make a Monster! applies the methods of the archetypal mad scientist (mixing components indiscriminately and recklessly) to media (footage from B-movies and promotional materials from the world of biotechnology) instead of chemicals. As biology, engineering and commerce become ever more entwined, we enter a world that threatens to outdo many of the wildest science fictions of the past century. Let’s Make a Monster! recombines media fragments (from movies, TV, web, print, etc.) into new mini-narratives to examine just how blurred the boundaries between science and fiction have become. Let's Make a Monster! is an examination of some of the more destructive mythologies of our culture, in particular how the rhetoric of scientific 'progress' can be used to spin and sell a worldview of ruthless economic and military domination and dystopia.