Perry Hoberman
The Elvonic Transform
The Elvonic Transform is a proposed system for augmenting a human subject's facial appearance by projecting images directly onto his/her face. Using a tracker (such as a 3D depth ranging camera) to track the subject's facial features, a virtual model of a human face can be animated in real time to match the motions and expressions of the live performer. In this way, the performer's face could take on the appearance of any given celebrity or fictional character. This technology could be used to create a new augmented-reality form of Karaoke, a popular amateur performance medium, in which pop songs are sung with pre-recorded instrumental backing tracks. Performers could take on the appearance of the pop stars whose songs they are performing. But the system would be just as likely to prove useful for other types of live performance, for instance in the area of live theatrical special effects. One can imagine a morph or transformation experienced not as a pre-rendered sequence in a film but as a live performance on a theatre stage.