Perry Hoberman
Wormhole (2003) is a networked installation, connecting two remote sites. At each site, images are projected from above onto a tabletop. The positions of several white bowls on each table are tracked (using infrared LEDs and a video camera). Participants can use these bowls to scoop up images of objects, move them around the tabletop, interact with them, and change them in various ways. At the center of each table surface is a funnel-shaped depression, representing a wormhole that connects the two tables together across networked space. When a projected object is dumped onto one of these wormholes, it disappears and re-emerges out of the wormhole at the opposite location. Thus, a participant at one site can manipulate and mutate an object and then send it as an obscure 'message' to participants at the other site. Each table can be imagined to be upside-down in relation to the other, with the wormhole as a virtual passage from one to the other.