Perry Hoberman
Crossfire is a vehicle designed to fire short bursts of images and sound onto the surfaces and storefronts lining Hollywood Boulevard at night. It consists of a high-powered data projector, a mobile computer, a high-capacity battery, a sound system and a laser targeting system. The vehicle is loaded with short title sequences from film noirs, b-movies and exploitation films. These are classically overwrought and melodramatic explosions of lurid typography, hard-boiled wordplay, climatic orchestration, cheap fiction, brutal fatalism, shadowy paranoia and forgotten history (Out of the Past, The Naked City, Force of Evil, Brute Force, Born To Kill, Kiss Me Deadly, etc.) Each short projection-eruption momentarily brands the environs with a highly compressed memory-grenade from Hollywood's complex past - a past which paradoxically bears a closer relationship to the actual Hollywood Boulevard of today than do most of the Disneyfied, corporatized representations of Hollywood so familiar to the rest of the world. For a brief moment our everyday experience is titled just like a movie. Instead of the usual flow of real life metastasizing into media, an intensified, sensationalized, mediatized spectacle is re-projected back onto the world itself.